EIS Library

EIS library is a standard school library (with a wide range of collections). It complements classroom studies and offers a wide variety of educational resources to students and teachers. EIS library is essential to the teaching and learning activities of the school. As the teachers need resources that will help them improve classroom instruction, so do students need access to resources that will answer questions on homework, internal & external exams, and for research projects.
The books cut across the curriculum of the school, general reading, and reference materials, as they are collectively selected by the librarian, subject teachers and administrators of the school.
EIS library has three sections: general circulation section, reference section and serial section. The general circulation section contains books and other materials that may be checked out of the library. It contains fiction and non-fiction (text book) books on all subjects for but junior and senior secondary. 
The reference section has materials that cannot be checked out of the library. The books are not the kind you would read from cover to cover but to be used for research. They include Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Atlases, World Records, est. New editions of these books are purchased yearly.
The serial section contains collection of daily newspapers. Newspapers are purchased daily, by the school to update students and teachers.
The school librarian teaches students how to use information for creative thinking and problem solving and promote the habit of reading for pleasure. Reading comprehension and critical thinking are skills students need in order to be successful with national examinations and other international assessment initiatives such as Cambridge A’LEVEL, SAT, TOEFL, IGCSE and IB. Learning how to access, read, and evaluate information are basic skills; however, applying higher-level thinking skills to convert information into knowledge and wisdom is the primary focus of the EIS Library.

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