EIS Student Clubs & Societies

Students are generally encouraged to join and play active roles in one or more of the various clubs in the school where to get opportunity for leadership training and inculcation of team spirit among other benefits accruable from such clubs. Presently the clubs that are available in the school are listed below:

Club Name


  • Press
Mr. Ajibola S.M.
  • Literarily & Debating
Mr. Efuntoye S. D.
  • Drama
Mrs. Olayemi
  • J.E.T.S.
Mr. Aderanti
  • Music & Cultural
Mr. Adeshina
  • Road Safety
Mr. Awobode H. K.
  • Young Farmers
Mr. Ogunwale
  • I.C.T.
Mr. Oshin J.P.

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