EIS Non-Teaching Staff

The school provides a free and confidential counselling service that gives the student and counsellor the opportunity to discuss any personal or welfare matters. The three basic areas of counselling are given adequate attention: Socio-Personal, Vocational and Educational. The department is open for parent–counsellor dialogue on issues relating to their children and wards where needed. Also, on a weekly basis the students are generally addressed on issues relating to their academics and morals. Career programs are also shown to students on the CDs at least twice in a term to reinforce their resolve to work harder for a successful completion of their courses in the session.


At the beginning of every academic session, comprehensive orientation/registration programs are provided for all students. Some of the activities are:

  • A familiarization tour of the school where the students meet the staff and fellow students, and get acquainted with the facilities and programs.
  • Excursion to educational, socio-cultural and sports centres.
  • Career talk aimed at priming the student to have a focus and work hard to attain their goals.

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